Welcome To The Infinidigm Advantage

Technology Consulting and Engineering Support

Whether you are developing a new product, or modernizing your backend services, we can work with you to help identify the right mix of technologies and architect and plan a solution that will match your product’s needs and development demands.

Data migration

We offer efficient data migration solutions that are tailored to minimize risk and maximize throughput and are optimized to work with resources that are already in place. We can help you choose the right tools and skills for your ongoing migration needs.

Systems integration and automation

We can develop modules or stand alone application components that will enable access and flow of data between these application systems to meet the integration objectives. We can automate those tasks and processes to reduce human intervention and make them less prone to errors.

NetOxygen Consulting

We can provide you with subject matter expertise at all levels of your NetOxygen project, and depending on your implementation, also provide your technology team with engineering support. We can help you architect and develop solutions that leverage your existing NetOxygen implementation.

About Us

Infinidigm LLC brings to the table, over eight years of technology and software development experience in Healthcare, Finance, Mortgage, and Internet and Data Security Industries. We provide clients with consulting and engineering support for a variety of project types at all stages of their project and product life-cycle.

The Infinidigm Advantage

With Infinidigm on your side, you gain on demand access to technology advise, strategic planning, project management, and engineering support that is backed by years of industry experience across various domains. No matter what the size and scope of the project is, Infinidigm can help you manage and deliver quality solutions in an efficient and cost-effective way.