At Infinidigm, LLC, we specializes in providing Technology Consulting Support. We provide quality data migration, systems integration, and automation services for web-based applications and processes. Besides these, we also provide legacy software refresh and NetOxygen consulting.

Technology Consulting and Engineering Support

Whether you are developing a new product, or modernizing your backend services, we can work with you to help identify the right mix of technologies and architect and plan a solution that will match your product’s needs and development demands.


We helped a data security start-up choose the right mix of technologies that helped them launch their products on all major devices and platforms. We also assisted them with outlining an overall development strategy and product roadmap.

Data migration

We offer efficient data migration solutions that are tailored to minimize risk and maximize throughput and are optimized to work with resources that are already in place. We can help you choose the right tools and skills for your ongoing migration needs.


We helped a radiology department modernize its patient records management by extracting patent data from five million diagnosis reports stored in legacy WordPerfect format and migrating them to a searchable and indexable MS Sql Server database.


We assisted a Fortune 50 company migrate from a legacy FileNet Content Services system IBM FileNet P8 ECM by moving eight million of their scanned documents and metadata over the course of two weeks, all of it done using our custom migration application running on employee workstations during idle hours.

Systems integration and automation

We can develop modules or stand alone application components that will enable access and flow of data between these application systems to meet the integration objectives. We can automate those tasks and processes to reduce human intervention and make them less prone to errors. Automation also provides considerable gains in efficiency over manual processing.


We created a set of utilities for a Fortune 50 company that allowed them to batch generation of letters for multiple clients from their in-house client letter generation application that was only designed to generate letters for a single client at a time.


We developed a tool to correct data import errors introduced by a legacy software when scanning QR codes containing in Japanese Kanji script.


We automated a previously manual process of generating of barcode cover sheets used during scanning documents which helped significantly reduce document filing errors.

Technology refresh for legacy and home-brew applications

We can architect and create custom solutions, tailored to your specific business needs, to help replace your home-brew and legacy applications. These solutions will be designed to accommodate future enhancements and growth needs of the business while providing an improved overall user experience.


We helped a major wholesale jewelry repair business eliminate insurance payment delays and lost revenue due to incorrect data entry into their ERP system by creating a rules engine with a programmable AI that validated and caught data entry errors, and allowed fixing them before submitting the claims to the insurance companies.

NetOxygen Consulting

We can provide you with subject matter expertise at all levels of your NetOxygen project, and depending on your implementation, also provide your technology team with engineering support. We can help you architect and develop solutions that leverage your existing NetOxygen implementation. Yes! We can help you realize and potentially increase your ROI from NetOxygen.


We assisted a mortgage start-up with their migration from a shared environment to a self-hosted setup. We also develop pipeline management tools for the back office staff and fix workflow issues which helped to significantly improve staff productivity.


We created a tool that significantly reduces development time and effort when implementing the repeater control.